St John's College W.3 (part)

Charles Hutton, Genealogical notes. English and Latin, c. 1917

The Revd Charles Frederick Hutton, of St John’s College (1857-1931): notes relating to his family, including his father Francis Pierpoint Burton Norman Hutton, of St John’s College (1826-84), whose diary of undergraduate life in Cambridge, much quoted here, was presented by Charles in 1917 and is in the Collection at W.33. The notes are elegantly and elaborately compiled, with hand coloured coats of arms and rubricated pedigrees.

Manuscript extra information

230x170mm max. 50 pp. With three letters from Hutton to J. R. Tanner, Fellow of St John’s College, written at the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital, Denbigh, 20 Feb., 11 Mar. and 19 Mar. 1917, presenting the papers to the College and discussing family, health, and other matters.

Autograph. Ruled paper gathered in three groupings and tied top left, with one postcard of Frating Church, Essex.