St John's College W.3 (part)

Henry Hughes, List of Library books. English, before 1884

Henry Hunter Hughes, Fellow of St John’s College (1796-1884): list of books from his library ‘to be sent to St John’s College Library Cambridge by my executor’. The accompanying papers record the process of identifying superfluous duplicates, finding alternative homes for some, and securing a valuation for others. Some 338 books were eventually brought into the Library collection. Hughes was for many years Rector of Layham, Suffolk.

Manuscript extra information

200x160mm. 10 pp. plus three loose papers of various sizes. A note on the cover records that the book was received in the College Library on 14 Nov. 1884.

Autograph on recto, subsequently annotated on facing verso, in a soft-covered plain notebook with marbled paper covers, with loose papers in other hands.