St John's College W.3 (part)

John Fearby Haslam, College bills. English, 1832-5

John Fearby Haslam, of St John’s College (d. 1850): College bills showing expenses incurred as an undergraduate, 1832-5. With a valuation of furniture – ‘Haslam’s Goods’ – by John Swan of Sidney Street, Cambridge, dated 8 Oct. 1835. Haslam’s Tutor was the Revd Thomas Crick (1801-76), subsequently President of the College.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes. Ten bills with seven receipts and the inventory. With a letter from Susan Digby Firth to the Librarian, 5 Apr. 1975, presenting the papers to the College. It appears that they had already been deposited temporarily in the Library by Mrs Firth’s mother’s cousin, the Revd J. A. G. Haslam.

Printed forms following the standard College model of the period, with MS insertions. Paper. The bills for Lady Day 1833, Midsummer 1834, and Midsummer 1834 are badly torn.