St John's College W.3 (part)

Sir William Gee, Will. English and Latin, 1611

Sir William Gee, of St John’s College, ?matric. 1577 (1562-1612): will, 2 Nov. 1611, including among the provisions a benefaction to the College as described in A. F. Torry, Founders and Benefactors (Cambridge, 1888), p. 100. Signed by Henry Watkinson. Torry records that the benefaction of land in and the advowson of Bainton, Yorkshire, ‘was afterwards lost to the College, although we twice presented to the Rectory’. The will has a very striking and individual preamble, of a distinctly reformist hue.

Manuscript extra information

530x670mm. A single sheet with certificate of probate from York diocese, 1685. Attached at verso an extract cut from a printed sale catalogue: ‘443 GEE – Curious will of William Gee, South Burton Co. York, dated 1611.’ With a letter from Algernon Harold of Crouch Hill, London, to [Sir Robert Forsyth Scott, Master of St John’s College], 18 May 1915, offering the will to the College for the sum of thirty shillings. According to Scott’s endorsement a cheque was sent on 19 May. There is a second copy of the will in the College Archives.

Parchment with pendant seal of the signatory.