St John's College W.3 (part)

E. P. Gatty, College bills. English, 1886-9

Edmund Percival Gatty, of St John’s College (1866-1937): bills settled while an undergraduate at St John’s, 1886-9, with a valuation by John Swan and Son, Cambridge, of A8 New Court, taken in Oct. 1886 with the previous occupant, F. A. E. Leake (1864-). Gatty’s Tutor presenting these bills is Edwin Hill (1843-1933). Gatty was admitted to the College as ‘Percival Edmund’, but appears thus in several later sources, including Venn, and his son gives us this order.

Manuscript extra information

245x390mm. Seven bills and the valuation. Presumably presented by E. P. Gatty’s son, H. P. W. Gatty, Librarian of the College, at some point before 1948.

Printed forms with MS insertions, and a list in E. P. Gatty’s hand on a sheet torn from a ruled pocket notebook. Paper.