St John's College W.3 (part) (James 586)

Edward Samuel Dewick, Miscellaneous notes on liturgical subjects. English, French and Latin, 1897-1903

The Revd Edward Samuel Dewick, of St John’s College (1844-1917): notes and correspondence on liturgical subjects, 1897-1903 and undated. Includes two letters to Dewick from Leland L. Duncan on the subject of ‘bishoping’ or witnessing confirmation, 3 Mar. 1897 and 12 Oct. 1902, and a postcard from ‘RGR’, 30 June 1900. Also includes a rough transcript of the ‘Office of BVM in vernacular Welsh in the Library of Shrewsbury School (MS III.48) … [translated back into Latin]’, with an associated exchange of letters between Dewick and J. W. Willis-Bund, 6 Feb. and 11 Mar. 1903; notes on an ‘Evangelistarium ad usum Fratrum Predicatorum’; and a transcription of a French MS ‘Kant ont doit faire General confession’.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes. 25+6+22 fos. Presented by Dewick’s son the Revd Edward Chisholm Dewick, of St John’s College (1884-1958).

Autograph. Paper. A commercial ruled notebook mound in marbled paper covers, and loose sheets.