St John's College W.3 (part)

T. G. Bonney, Miscellaneous papers. English, various dates

Thomas George Bonney, Fellow of St John’s College (1833-1923): miscellaneous papers relating to Bonney and his family, for the most part without date. The collections consists of

1. The Bonney family tree, (a) ‘made out by me H[enry] K[aye] Bonney, DD’, 23 June 1840. With an elaborated version (b) prepared by Thomas K. B. Nevinson, 1896, and subsequently by Bridget Nevinson.

2. Notes on genealogical matters relating to the family.

3. Declaration of conformity to the liturgy of the Church of England, signed by Henry Kaye Bonney, 5 Nov. 1813. Xerox copy, the ‘original with present rector of Kingscliffe’.

4. Obituary for TGB in The Times, 11 Dec. 1923.

5. Prescription for bifocals and a visiting card (Dr T. G. Bonney, 9 Scroope Terrace).

Manuscript extra information

1-4 presented by Miss Bridget Nevinson, a member of the family, via the Sedgwick Museum, Department of Geology, 1977. 5 presented in the same year by C. L. Forbes, Curator of the Museum, who found these items in a desk drawer on his appointment to a Demonstratorship in the Department, 1953. With a letter from Forbes to Guy Lee, Librarian, 2 Sep. 1977.

MS and printed papers and a press cutting. 1(b) and 3 are xerox copies of originals retained by Miss Nevinson.