St John’s College W.35

William Francis Swords, Letters patent and letter concerning the conferral of a degree. English, c. 1897-1930.

[William Francis Swords (1873-1964)]: original envelope, containing a typescript letter to Swords from the University of London confirming that Swords has successfully achieved a B.Sc. and inviting him to collect his diploma at a presentation on the 11th May, 1898 [letter dated 26th November, 1897]; the Letters patent by which Swords was appointed a member of the King’s Counsel (KC) by HRH King George V; and a signed declaration by Swords that he will serve as a member of the King’s Counsel. Swords obtained a B.A. from St John’s College, Cambridge, in 1908; LL.B. 1908; KC 1930.




Manuscript extra information

Documents contained in an envelope measuring approx. 280x205 mm. The reverse side of the envelope bears the stamp of the Lord Chancellor. The letter from the University of London measures 320x410 mm; the Letters patent measures approx. 460x570 mm; the declaration measures approx. 330x210 mm. Paper. The Letters patent includes as its header, the Royal coat of arms and is validated by wax seal.