St John's College W.28

John Rogers, Journal. English, 1820-4

John Rogers, of St John's College, Cambridge (1799-1843): private journal, 23 Oct. 1820 - 15 Nov. 1825 (1824?). Kept intermittently, and covering in some detail his years as an undergraduate of St John's. A curious and self-revealing chronicle of the author's ambitions, his sense of religion and morality, his unsuccessful attempt to win the Hulsean Prize, his time management, his gradual disillusionment with Cambridge, his intense dislike of 'Popery', and his relations with his family. The donor in one letter referred to below aptly describes Rogers as 'a bit of a mixed up kid'. See also SJC, MSS W.29 and 30.

Manuscript extra information

320x205 mm. 256 pp. (author's pagination). College bookplate (twentieth century) inside front cover). Presented to the College by Mr Barclay Stacey, husband of the author's great-niece, Sep. 1973. Correspondence dated 31 Aug. - 25 Sep. 1973 between Mr Stacey, and Dr Lee and Dr Crook, respectively Librarian and President of St John's College, is held with the volume. Further correspondence and associated papers, including a sketch by Rogers, are held with the relevant College Admissions Register.

Autograph throughout, with many corrections, and numerous later lines, passages, even whole pages cut away, most probably by the author. Paper. Commercial ledger of the early nineteenth century, bound in vellum on boards.