St John's College W.27

Alfred Bender, Life of General Garibaldi. English, c. 1890

Alfred Philipp Bender, of St John's College (1863-1937): 'General Garibaldi: his life and work. An Essay', no date, but probably c. 1900. An entirely uncritical account of Garibaldi's career, topped and tailed with laudatory verses. It seems to be the work of a young man, and assumes familiarity with the College; perhaps it was written as an undergraduate at St John's.

Manuscript extra information

230x180 mm. 36 fos as written (modern foliation), with many blanks at the end of the vol. Presumably presented by the author, or by his family. There is no College bookplate or other internal evidence of providence.

Autograph throughout, neatly written on the rectos only. Paper. Commercial soft-cover notebook of the late nineteenth or, possibly, early twentieth century.