St John’s College W.26

A. D. Briscoe, ‘A Stuart Benefactress: Sarah, Duchess of Somerset, 1631-92’. English, 1973.

[Arnold Daly Briscoe (1900-2002)]: typescript copy of A Stuart Benefactress: Sarah, Duchess of Somerset, 1631-92 (1973). This version constitutes the complete study compiled by Briscoe; some original parts were not included in the published account in order to keep the text to a reasonable size. Briscoe was admitted to St John’s College, Cambridge, in 1919, and completed his medical training at St Thomas’s Hospital, London. In addition to his work on the Duchess of Somerset, Briscoe completed biographies of Thomas Seckford (1515-1587) and Sir Thomas White (1492-1567).



Manuscript extra information

265x205 mm. Folio approx. [454] pages. Paper. Pages are loose-leaf, contained in a black box, together with a copy of the dust-jacket for the published book. Given by A. D. Briscoe, 1973.