St John's College W.18

Henry James Warner, Notes on the Septuagint. English, Hebrew and Greek, 1945-9

The Revd Henry James Warner, of St John's College, Cambridge, vicar of North Stoke-with-Ipsden, Oxfordshire (1862-1953): notes on the Septuagint of 1 and 2 Samuel (1 and 2 Kings), Psalms, Isaiah and the minor prophets, in five notebooks compiled during the author's retirement. Letters accompanying the donations and dated between 17 Feb. 1945 and 3 Dec. 1949 are included in each volume, apart from the third. The author has added to volume five an essay on the 110th Psalm, 'a copy of my suggested interpretation of Rom. ix.5, published in UTS but here supplemented with the comments of eminent scholars on it; and an introduction to the "Parables of the Lost" [Luke xv and xvi]'.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes, ranging from 197x160 mm. to 225x176 mm. Approx. 775 pp. in all (c. 150, 194, 132, 169, 130 pp. respectively). Presented by the author at various dates between 1945 and 1949 (see inside each front cover).

Autograph, a careful and elegant hand. Paper. Commercial ruled notebooks (twentieth century).