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Jean Leverrier, Calculations re the discovery of Neptune. French, 1846

Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier, astronomer (1811-77): reproductions of five pages of calculations and writings from MSS in the Paris Observatory, c. 1846. Two show the first and last folios of Leverrier's MS for Connaissance des temps (1849). With reproductions of a portrait of Leverrier by Daverdoing, 1846, and of a cartoon by Honoré Daumier, 'Les Parisiens cherchent la Planète', also first published in 1846.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes, 300x240 mm. max. 7 items. Presented by M. Danjou, Director of the Paris Observatory, Oct. 1946 (inscriptions on the back of each item).

Photographs. Paper. Stored in a mid twentieth-century commercial folder.