St John's College W.14 (James 610)

E. H. Palmer, Notebooks. English and Arabic, 1868

Edward Henry Palmer, Fellow of St John's College (1840-82): two notebooks. The first consists of a diary kept Nov. - Dec. 1868, the second contains numerous transcripts of inscriptions found on rocks in the Negeb.

Manuscript extra information

135x215 mm. Paginated 1-96, 111-70, with further leaves removed from other similar notebooks and inserted at the end of the second vol., alternatively paginated 1-4, 6-9 and 202, 204, 200, 206, 304, 302, 306, 400. According to Dr Graham Davies of Fitzwilliam College the second volume runs on from a similar notebook now in the Library of the Palestine Exploration Fund, London. A further volume with a higher pagination is also held by the PEF. College bookplates (early 20th cent. and 1937) inside front covers. 'Vol. 2' was presented to the College by Professor E. G. Browne in 1905 (his letter to the Librarian 7 May 1905 inserted). The diary remained with Palmer's daughter Maud until c. 1949, when she gave it to her cousin H. T. Lloyd-Davis. He presented it to the College (his letter to the Bursar 24 Oct. 1949, and letter from the Senior Bursar to the Librarian 25 Oct. inserted).

Autograph. Paper. The bindings of both vols are damaged. Bound in leather with single metal clasps.

See: Graham I. Davies, 'E.H. Palmer's copies of the Nabataean inscriptions in the Sinai Peninsula'. Paper given at a symposium on the work of German epigrapher Julius Euting, Tübingen July 1999.