St John's College W.118

John Burnaby, Letter book. English and French, eighteenth century.

[John Burnaby (1701-1774)]: autograph letter book, comprising the diplomatic correspondence of John Burnaby, British Minister Plenipotentiary, who was based in Berne, Switzerland. Includes at least 160 copy-letters, dated December 1743 – June 1747, with additional loose leaf copy letters, which range from approximately 1744-1749. Sent to various recipients, notably Thomas Pelham-Holles, First Duke of Newcastle (1693-1768), and the Swiss Cantons. The letters allude to events of the War of the Austrian Succession (1741-1748), and contain information on the resolutions of the council of Berne, European military intelligence, and Burnaby’s ongoing diplomatic efforts to promote British interests.

Manuscript extra information

220x330 mm. Folio approx. [326] pages, plus [38] further loose pages. Acquired from Samuel Gedge, 2015. Provenance: Baggrave Hall, which became the seat of the Burnaby family in 1770; includes Baggrave Library bookplate.

Single hand throughout. Paper. Original vellum binding.