St John's College W.117

Moses Griffith. Medical certificate from the University of Leiden, 1744

Moses Griffith (1723-1785) matriculated at St John’s College in June 1742, and was admitted to Leiden University in June 1744: doctoral certificate in medicine issued to Moses Griffith upon the completion of his studies at Leiden University. Four signatures at foot:  the rector of Leiden University, Johann van den Honert (1693-1758); anatomist,  Bernhard Siegfried Albinus (1697-1770); physician and botanist, Adriaan van Royen(1704-1779); and physician and chemist,  Hieronymus David Gaubius (1705-1780). The signature of the Dutch classical scholar Franz von Oudendorp (1696-1761) is also present. Dated Leiden, 30 October 1744.

Manuscript extra information

Manuscript diploma. In ink on a single sheet of vellum 34 x 54 cm. 14 lines in Latin. Red wax seal of Leiden University (depicting Minerva) attached by red silk tag, housed in original metal case. Purchased from Samuel Gedge, April 2013.