St John's College W.113

Latin verse compositions by members of St John's College, Cambridge, 1837-1859


A collection of Latin verses submitted by members of St John's College for University prizes, such as Sir William Browne's Medal for Latin Ode. Each poem appears to be in the autograph of the author. Contents as follows.

  1. Laudes Apollonis. Damon et Thyrsis. Hexameter by Thomas Evans (BA 1839). (fo. 1)
  2. Amasis Polycrati. Elegiac couplets by Evans. (fo. 4)
  3. Littus Baianum. Ode by Evans. (fo. 6)
  4. Laudes Apollonis. Hexameter by William Spicer Wood (BA 1840). (fo. 9)
  5. Polycrates, Sami Tyrannus. Elegiac couplets by Wood. (fo. 12v)
  6. Littus Baianum. Ode by Wood. (fo. 14v)
  7. Victoria regina, ipsa equo invecta, legiones avitas exercet. Hexameter by Alfred Paul Jodrell Mills (BA 1839). (fo. 17v)
  8. Hesperus. Ode by Mills. (fo. 20)
  9. Ludus gladiatorius. Elegiac couplets by Mills. (fo. 22)
  10. Victoria regina avitas legiones exercet. Hexameter by Sidney Lidderdale Smith (BA 1840). (fo. 23v)
  11. Hesperus. Ode by Smith. (fo. 25v)
  12. Ludus gladiatorius. Elegiac couplets by Smith. (fo. 28)
  13. Victoria regina legiones avitas ipsa equo invecta exercet. Hexameter by Thomas John Edward Steel (BA 1842). (fo. 29v)
  14. Hesperus. Ode by Steel. (fo. 32)
  15. Ludus gladiatorius. Elegiac couplets by Steel. (fo. 34)
  16. Cleopatrae mors. Hexameter by Smith. (fo. 35v)
  17. Memphis. Ode by Smith. (fo. 38)
  18. Aurora. Elegiac couplets by Smith. (fo. 40v)
  19. Cleopatrae mors Antonius loquitur. Hexameter by Steel. (fo. 43)
  20. Memphis. Ode by Steel. (fo. 45v)
  21. Aurora. Elegiac couplets by Steel. (fo. 48)
  22. Subjectos orientis oris seras. Elegiac couplets by George Henry Ainger (BA 1842), 1841. (fo. 50)
  23. Tyrus. Ode by Henry Thomas Wroth (BA 1846). (fo. 51v)
  24. Tristis superstitio. Uxor Iudica. Hexameter by Thomas Blackmore Colenso (adm. 1842). (fo.54v)
  25. Victoriam reginam, Cantabrigiae urbem invisentem salutat Academia. Ode by Frederick Foster Gough (BA 1847). (fo. 56)
  26. Coriolanus. Hexameter by Gough. (fo. 57v)
  27. Victoriam reginam, Cantabrigiae urbem invisentem salutat Academia. Ode by Wroth. (fo. 59v)
  28. Reliquiae Variani exercitus a Germanico tumulatae. Hexameter by William Paley Anderson (BA 1847). (fo. 62v)
  29. Sophonisba Masinissae. Elegiac couplets by Anderson. (fo. 65)
  30. Relliquiae Variani exercitus a Germanico tumulatae. Hexameter by John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor (BA 1848). (fo. 67)
  31. Victoris exercitus in Lahoram introitus. Elegiac couplets by Anderson, 1846. (fo. 70)
  32. Maurorum in Hispania Imperium. Ode by Anderson, 1846. (fo. 72v)
  33. Mare Mediterraneum. Hexameter by Joseph Foxley (BA 1854), 1852. (fo. 75)
  34. Cynthia. Ode by Foxley, 1852. (fo. 76)
  35. Thomson's Castle of Indolence Canto I XVI-XIX Latine redditum. Elegiac couplets by Foxley, 1852. (fo. 78)
  36. Arthuri Wellesley Ducis de Wellington exsequiae XIV Kal. Dec. A.D. MDCCCLII. Elegiac couplets by Foxley, 1852-3. (fo. 79v)
  37. Exsequiae &c Wellesley. Elegiac couplets by Theophilus Barton Rowe (BA 1856), 1852-3. (fo. 83)
  38. Ta epi Byzantiou nosokomeia. Elegiac couplets by John Croughton Valentine (BA 1858), 1855. (fo. 86)
  39. Ta epi Byzantiou nosokomeia. Elegiac couplets by John Wilberforce Doran (BA 1858), 1854-5. (fo. 87v)
  40. Paullum sepultae distat inertiae celata virtus. Elegiac couplets by Edward Woodley Bowling (BA 1860), Oct. 1859. (fo. 90)
  41. Nerone imperante Roma incenditur. Hexameter by Bowling, Oct. 1859. (fo. 91v)
Manuscript extra information

295 x 265mm. 93 folios + c.200 blank leaves. Paper. Binding: brown, blind-tooled leather over boards; gilt lettering on spine 'Coll. Div. Joh. Carmina praemiis donata 1837- Cantabr'; marbled endpapers and edges.

College bookplate inside front cover. A note on the front flyleaf reads 'This Book was placed in the College Library by the Revd Dr Bateson, the Master, A.D. 1877. J.S.W. [John Spicer Wood]'. This refers to William Henry Bateson (Master 1857-1881).