St John's College U.36

Norman Brooke Jopson (1890-1969), ‘History of the Uncommon Language Department (London and Liverpool) 1939-1945’

Typescript account of the history of U.L.D. during the Second World War, written by N.B. Jopson, Censor, U.L.D. and Professor of Comparative Philology, University of Cambridge. Dated July 1945. A contents list at the beginning outlines nine chapters and seven appendices. Appendix seven is by R. Bigwood, D.A.C. Two further unlisted appendices are included at the back of the document, the first being a duplicated document entitled ‘Recruitment of staff for the U.L.D.’ on which a manuscript note indicates that this was from N.B. Jopson to F. Worthington 6.4.40, the second is entitled ‘The Uncommon Language Department 1914-1919  and sidelights on the present U.L.D.’ and is dated 9.11.40. The nine chapters of the document are typed in double-spacing on rectos only, the appendices are variously typed, some single and some double-spaced, some single and some double-sided. A document headed ‘Transliteration of Slav languages (especially Russian)’ typed in white on a single sheet of smaller black paper, is inserted between pages 84 and 85. A letter dated 1939 similarly typed white on black, in Cornish, from A.S.D. Smith, is loose between pages 126 and 127.

Manuscript extra information

Binder 345 mm x 225 mm. 150 pages foolscap, in a spring binder with black paper-covered boards and a black fabric spine. Typed label pasted on the front board.  

Given by John Anthony Crook in 1971.