St John's College U.29

Titus Livius de Foro-Juliensis, De republica. Rotograph of 15th-century manuscript.


A rotograph of the 15th-century manuscript of Titus Livius de Foro-Juliensis's De republica preserved in the Biblioteca Panizzi di Reggio Emilia. The rotograph was produced for the historian Charles Previté-Orton (1877-1947) around 1930 and was used by him for his book Opera hactenus inedita T. Livii de Frulovisiis de Ferraria (Cambridge, 1932) pp. 287-389. The prints are negative so that the text appears white against the black pages. Two facing pages appear on each print.

Manuscript extra information

275 x 225 mm. 147 black and white prints. Photographic paper. Kept in cloth-covered box.

Given to the Library by Previté-Orton in May 1940 (note inside lid of box).