St John's College U.22

Henry Russell, Diary of events connected with St John's College. English, 1865-84

Henry Russell, Fellow, Steward, Junior Dean and Junior Bursar of St John's College, Cambridge (1822-1903): Diary, consisting chiefly of precedents and selected resolutions made by College Meetings and meetings of the Master and Seniors, including meetings re the election of Charles Taylor as Master, 1881, and the first Council election, 1882; details of the building of the new Chapel and services therein, including the commissioning of a new window and the names of celebrants at Holy Communion; debates over the quality of College food and the supply of provisions; with some meteorological and personal entries covering the years 1865-84. In 1885 Russell was installed as rector of Layham, Suffolk, and he resigned his fellowship the following year. With several printed papers relating to College life over the same period, including a tariff for 'articles supplied by the cook for private rooms', 1863, the new Hall rules, 1869, a list of subscribers to the new Chapel, 1869, a blank 1871 Census form, notifications of General College meetings, a notice from the Master and Seniors threatening junior members with rustication in the event of their being convicted of riotous behaviour by magistrates, 1875, printed notices annotated in Russell's hand relating to the funeral of William Henry Bateson, Master of St John's College, 1881, and an order of procession at the funeral of Isaac Todhunter, 1884. The collection also includes a letter from G[eorge] Parker [of St John's College, 1853-1937] to an unidentified party, apparently not Russell, [1881], and a letter from W. Russell, the author's brother, to R. F. (later Sir Robert) Scott, then Bursar of St John's, stating that he has been unable to find any 'diary or loose sheets of any kind relating to St John's College Cambridge' among his late brother's effects, 8 Feb. 1904. Also including a single sheet, headed 'Ordinary Form of Testimonial for Holy Orders', in Russell's hand, n.d. An obituary notice for Russell appears in The Eagle 25 (1903), 198-200.

Manuscript extra information

The diary pages for the most part measure 290x230 mm., though there are many smaller sheets. Unfoliated, c. 200 fos. Presumably presented to R. F. Scott by the author's brother in 1904 (despite the letter cited above). Acquired as part of the collections of Sir Robert Scott, Master of St John's College, d. 1933.

Autograph. Paper. Unbound.