St John's College U.1 (formerly H.32) (James 294)

Catalogue of books. Latin, Greek and English, 1630s with subsequent additions


Catalogue of books, clearly in St John's College Library though this is nowhere stated. One alphabetical sequence by author (including Anon., title occasionally used in default of author), running A-X throughout the nineteen fascicules. Ja-Li missing. Relatively few recognisable class-marks are included, and those hardly ever coincide with the shelf lists of the 1680s now in the Upper Library. The latest publications included as additions appear to date from around 1650, though the vast majority of entries relate to works published before 1640, suggesting original compilation around 1639.

Manuscript extra information

368x275 mm. as boxed. Nineteen fascicules, not foliated, but each of around 12-20 fos. A few loose slips containing further entries enclosed with F-G. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) inside front cover of each fascicule. Not in Cowie, but clearly in the Library at that time. 'Holbrooke' on cover of final fascicule, perhaps in the same hand as the entries therein. A John Holbrooke (d. 1691) was admitted sizar at St John's College in 1654.

Several hands, all apparently from the first half of the seventeenth century. Paper, written on versos only with some additional material on facing rectos. Margins ruled in red all round. Some significant worming to A. Each fascicule bound subsequently (the paper is trimmed) in a near contemporary vellum, and boxed during the nineteenth century. Some of the vellum covers are significantly damged, most notably that for M-O. Negative microfilm in the College Library.