St John's College T.9 (James 477)

Pierre de Marca, Collected works. French, c. 1700


Pierre de Marca, Archbishop of Toulouse and of Paris (1594-1662): A collection of his works, volume 1 of 3. No date, but from the hand perhaps a late seventeenth-century copy. Comprising:

  1. Traité de la Jurisdiction Ecclesiastique touchant la Deposition des Evesques (fo. 1)
  2. Traité des Appellations comme d'Abus (fo. 202)
  3. Traité de l'Origine et progrez de la Regale (fo. 283)
Manuscript extra information

370x255 mm. iii+363+ii fos (lacks fo. 1). College bookplate (1937) inside front cover, inserted July 1945 according to the Librarian's handwritten note. T.1-18 were presented to the College by William Grove, a former Fellow, in 1762.

Single secretary hand, a clean copy. Paper, slightly damaged by damp. A handsome early eighteenth-century armorial binding: leather on boards, with gold decoration and lettering: at centre on both front and rear the arms of Charles-Joachim Colbert de Croissy (1667-1738), successor of Charles de Pradel (d. 1696) as Bishop of Montpellier. The arms are, a shield bearing a serpent: surmounted by a coronet, mitre and crozier as supporters: over all a cardinal's hat. See E. Olivier, G. Hermal and R. de Roton, Manuel de l'amateur de reliures armoriées Françaises (30 vols, Paris, 1924-38), plate 1300. Spine titles on black leather labels: 'Traites de Mr de Marca / Tom. 1'.