St John’s College Aa.3.61-6 (James 497-502)

Robert Sanderson, Diaries. English and Latin, 1706-32

Robert Sanderson, of St John’s College (1660-1741): diaries, 1706-32, with several substantial gaps. In English, apart from entries for 1706 and 1709, which are in Latin. The entries provide a detailed picture of Sanderson’s life in London and at the Rolls Office. Some entries are in a form of code. See The Eagle 26 (1905), 108-10.

Manuscript extra information

170x115 mm. 14 or 15 original vols in 6, c. 2248 pp. Inside every front cover a College bookplate (early twentieth century).

Autograph. Paper. The paper has been damaged extensively, and has been repaired throughout. Original paper covers, rebound in leather before 1904. The binding is defective in some vols. Purchased by the College of James Tregaskis in 1904 (letter from Tregaskis, 16 Sep. 1904 on flyleaf of first volume).