St John's College S.77 (James 469)

William Brown, Notes on the Lexicon of Hesychius. Latin and Greek, 1870s or later

William Brown, Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge and latterly Rector of Little Hormead, Herts (d. 1899): (fos 1-181) the MS of Notes with emendations, on the Lexicon of Hesychius by D. A. Ferrari, JUD ... Part I, selected and edited by W. Brown (London: Longman, 1871). A copy of this pamphlet is held with the MS. The remainder of S.77, some 200 folios, consists of an unpublished alphabetical continuation to the published work, clearly intended as a 'Part II'. As Brown observes in his introduction to the 1871 publication (pp. vi-vii) Ferrari bequeathed to St John's his two-volume interleaved copy of Hesychius (1668 edn). It was received with other items from the Ferrari bequest in 1744, and is now classed as O.1 and 2.

Manuscript extra information

240x200 mm., notebook measures 204x161 mm. c. 400 fos (20 in notebook), written on rectos only. Presented to the College Library by Mr John Brown, the author's brother, 27 Jan. 1903 (endorsement on wrapper). Formerly S.64, as appears from another wrapper endorsement: this reference was presumably in use some time after the publication of the James catalogue, where the MS is unclassified.

Autograph. Loose-leaf paper, apart from a commercial ruled notebook.