St John's College S.71 (James 463)

John Palmer, Notes on Isaiah and Jeremiah. English, 1830s

John Palmer, Fellow of St John's College and Sir Thomas Adams Professor of Arabic at Cambridge (1769-1840): notebook containing a series of brief notes on the Books of Isaiah (fos 1-33) and Jeremiah (fos 34-40), in verse order. No date, but perhaps c. 1830 and after: at fo. 2v there is a reference to [Edward William] Lane's Account of the manners and customs of the modern Egyptians, published in 1836. The volume consists for the most part of alternative readings, though there are a few interpretations and summaries.

Manuscript extra information

185x120 mm. 51 surviving fos as bound (41 onwards blank, and the last three detached), but some fos have been torn away at the end of the vol. Small College bookplate at fo. 2r. Bequeathed to the College by the author: plate recording the bequest inside front cover. The vol. was first classified into the Lower Library collections as A/W.7.69 (on spine and inside front cover).

Autograph. Paper. A standard plain-paper commercial notebook: original half leather, marbled paper on boards.