St John's College S.65 (James 450)

William Craven, Sermons preached in Cambridgeshire. English, 1760-1804

William Craven, Master of St John's College (d. 1815): sermons preached in Cambridgeshire parishes, at Great St Mary's and in the Chapel of St John's College, 1760-1804. The parishes, which are listed together with the relevant date on the original paper covers of each sermon, include Barrington, Barton, Chesterton, Dry Drayton, Fen Drayton, Hamerton, Hartwith, Horningsea, Impington, Lolworth, Madingley, Melbourn, Middlemere, Milton, Over, Pately-Bridge, Sawston, Stapleford, and Westley. The texts include Job xxxvi.3, Psalms xxxix.1, xc.12, cxxxviii.2, Joel i.14, Haggai i.7, Matthew v.4, v.29, vi.33, xiii.36, Luke viii.18, xv.18-19, xxiii.32, Acts x.40, xvii.11, xxiv.16, Romans i.20, 1 Corinthians xi.26, Galatians i.10, Titus ii.12, Hebrews xii.2, James ii.17. See also SJC, MSS K.41-43.

Manuscript extra information

218x170 mm. 313 fos. The verso is usually blank, unless, as frequently happens, it carries additions to the facing text. College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover. There is no clue as to provenance, though the MS is not in Cowie and so presumably came to the Library, or was first catalogued, after 1843.

Autograph throughout, with many corrections. Paper. A collection of several sermons each in paper covers, bound in a standard nineteenth-century commercial cloth binding, gold lettering on spine: 'Dr. Craven's Sermons. MSS.'