St John's College S.63 (James 448)

Michael Dalton, Office of a Justice of the Peace. English, 1636

'The Office of a Justice of the Peace, abridg'd, by the Author himself, Mich: Dalton' (on front cover, in hand of Thomas Baker). A much condensed version of STC 6211, or of an earlier edition of this popular work (STC 6205-10), taken chapter by chapter. Consists of elaborations on an alphabetical list of regulatory matters falling within the remit of a JP, followed by a catalogue of felonies and other criminal offences, most within the jurisdiction of the Quarter Sessions. The date is found on what amounts to a half-title (p. iii), but there are additional notes relating to 1642 at p. ii. Brief index at end. Dalton (d. c. 1650) was a member of Trinity College.

Manuscript extra information

195x130 mm. (max) [iv]+60+[4] pp. On front cover in Baker's hand: 'Donum Amicissimi viri J. Perkins S.T.B. nuper Coll: Jo: Cant: Socii, modo Rectoris et vicarii de Fulborn, ubi Domicilium ac Patrimonium Mich: Dalton Arm' eiusque Haeredum'. Also on front cover: '6 Day / 387' on small paper diamond, and 'XI'. Abbreviated title on spine.

Single main hand, perhaps autograph. Further notes in a rougher hand at beginning and end (mid seventeenth century), several corrections and interlineations. Paper. improvised vellum binding.