St John's College S.58 (James 443)

Political collections. English, seventeenth century

1. 'To all true hearted Englishmen dwelling in their native Soyle'. Address by an Englishman living abroad to his fellow countrymen, relating to the work and processes of the late dissolved parliament, perhaps c. 1630. Beg.: 'Howsoever (my deare Countreymen) it is my hap to abide on this side the Seas'; ends: 'such Knights and Burgesses as will have lesse zeale for the Ease and Freedome of the Subjects then had the Knights and Burgesses of the late parliament'. 4 pp. Some corrections.

2. 'A memorable Speech in the house of Commons' [c. 1611]. Beg.: 'Mr Speaker I perceive wee are all much troubled by the Evill Successe which we have had in the Great Contract'; Ends: 'shall not detract from the King in point of Soveraignly or profitt shalbe essentiall in this Contract'. 12 pp.

3. Remonstrance of the House of Commons to King James I, 'delivered by 20 of the lower house of parliament the 24th of May 1610', against the king's commandment to restrict their discussion of a matter falling within the royal prerogtive. 4pp.

4. Petition to [James I, ?1604], seeking remedies for religious abuses. 4 pp. Some corrections.

5. 'Grievances to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie'. 'These grievances were presented to his Majestie with a Speech of Sir Francis Bacon by 12 of the lower house 7 Jul. 1610 in the fourth Session of parliament because the Kinge comanded 12 and no more etc.'

Manuscript extra information

195x165 mm.46+[2] pp. Formerly three further folios, now excised. At p. 1 'B.B. + 1729'. On back cover the name 'Henricus Will'ns', a short account for pipes, a sheafe, beer and letters, and 'The names of those booke my Master Lent me Nov: 7th 1661', with a list of '8' [in fact 7] abbreviated titles, the latter two inscriptions in a later hand.

Single hand throughout (mid seventeenth century), a clean copy. Paper, first folio nearly detached. No covers, but formerly bound. Tear to pp. 1-2 crudely repaired with tape. Some damp staining throughout.