St John's College S.57 (James 442)

Ecclesiastical tracts. Latin, seventeenth century

Tracts: 'De Conciliis' (fos 3r-30r); 'Liber secundus de conciliorum auctoritate' (fos 30r-54v); 'De ecclesiâ militante' (fos 55r-65r); 'De notis ecclesiae' (fos 65v-98v); 'De Romano Pontifice' (fos 99r-118v).

Manuscript extra information

124x95 mm. 128 fos (1, 2, 119-28 blank). 'No. X' on front cover. No indication as to provenance.

A small, seventeenth-century hand with glosses from Scriptural, Classical, Patristic and later authorities (including Luther, Calvin's Institutes, and Bellarmine) throughout, very few corrections. Paper. Paper covers, with fragment of medieval vellum MS at spine.