St John's College S.55 (James 440)

Thomas Barlow, 'Autoschediasmata'. English, after 1675


Thomas Barlow (1607-91, Bishop of Lincoln): 'Autoschediasmata, De Studio Theologiae 1674' (p. 1). Beg.: 'Theology (or Divinity) is a Science (Or Prudence) conteining our Knowledge of God'; ends: 'for all of Them (some very few excepted) are in the possession of (Sr) your affectionate Friend and Faithfull servant N. N.' It is dated at the end 21 Mar. 1674 OS.

Manuscript extra information

372x240 mm. ii+26+iv pp. (contemporary pagination). Inside front cover an inscription 'Rd Burton' - three Richard Burtons were admitted to St John's between 1677 and 1710 - and in Thomas Baker's hand 'Tho: Baker Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus'. On the first flyleaf: 'Analecta De Studio Theologiae', possibly in Burton's hand, and the following note by Baker: 'This was taken from Bp: Barlow's own copy, what additions or Alterations have been made since, is more then I know, Mr Ofley [William Offley, d. 1724, Barlow's chaplain, and a Prebend of Lincoln from 1689] can give the best account; But it has been since twice printed; this MS may be of some use, in correcting the Typographical mistakes (and perhaps some others) in both the printed copies. Autoschediasmata De Studio Theologiae 1674 MS Johannis nuper epi: Elien:, modo in Bibliotheca Publica Cant. The same, I presume, with this copy, tho' I have not yet compar'd it.' On p. 26, at the end of the MS, Baker has added: '[Tho: Barlow episcopus Lincoln:] Taken from the Bp's own copy, how much since improv'd, I cannot say. But it is the same with the printed copies, only more correct, for there are many Typographical mistakes in the Prints.' The work was published in The Genuine remains ... of Thomas Barlow (London, 1693), and 'from the original manuscript' by William Offley (Wing B824, Oxford, 1699).

A single, neat late seventeenth-century hand. Paper, ruled in red, with numerous marginal glosses. Original marbled paper covers.