St John's College S.51 (James 439)

Commentary on Galen or similar medical work. English, late sixteenth century (?)


An extract from an unidentified medical tract, apparently a commentary on Galen. A single surviving quire marked 'A'. Beg.: 'Not soe easely: and an ague is kindled of the converscion of naturall heate into a fyerye nature ...'; ends: 'yf then by that avoydence which is only accomplisshed'. The extract runs from the end of section 16 to section 38, each section commencing with a passage from Galen. It deals principally with diet and purging.

Manuscript extra information

215x155 mm. 8 fos. No inscription or other clue as to provenance.

A single, neat hand, probably of the late sixteenth century. Paper, double-ruled red margins throughout, incomplete at fo. 7r, and absent altogether on fos 6v, 7v and 8. 35 lines to a page, with catchwords and marginal glosses. Not bound.