St John's College S.48 (James 437)

Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 'Liber Actorum'. Latin and English, c. 1664 and earlier

'Liber actorum et rerum memorabilium Aulae Trinitatis incipit Anno dom' 1557'. Recording land sales, leases, admissions to fellowships, fellowship oaths, a list of admissions 1557-1641, with occasional lists of the Fellowship, and other college matters. Properties of drinks and meat at fo. [i verso]. Final entries 1660-4 at same folio, at fo. [5v], and at fo. [22v]. At fos [21v, 22r] prayers and psalms for 5 November and the Commemoration of Benefactors.

Manuscript extra information

190x155 mm. 26 fos. '48' on front cover. On first folio in Baker's hand: 'Liber Actorum et rerum memorabilium Aulae Trin: Cant:'

Several seventeenth-century hands. Paper, wanting covers. First folio torn. Foxing.