St John's College S.45 (James 435)

Henry Smith, Literary and antiquarian commonplace. Latin and English, c. 1650-1720

Henry Smith, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge (1615 or 1616-1702) and subsequently Thomas Baker: literary, university and antiquarian commonplace, with contents:

  1. 'Hymenaeus', a Latin comedy, edited and published by G. C. Moore Smith (CUP, 1908). Author unknown, conjectured to be either Abraham Fraunce or Henry Hickman. The actor-list in this MS (for a performance at St John's in c. March 1579) is given in Frederick S. Boas, University drama in the Tudor age (Oxford, 1914), pp. 393-4. Another MS survives in Gonville and Caius College.
  2. Latin verses relating to the University of Cambridge, 1634 and early seventeenth century.
  3. Extracts in Baker's hand from Robert Monteith, An theater of mortality (Edinburgh, 1704).
  4. 'An account of the age, of Henry Jenkins, in a letter from, Mrs Anne Savile, to Sir Richard Graham circa (?) An: 1661/1662'. Again in Baker's hand. After copying the letter Baker notes: 'This letter has been partly published in the Philos: Transactions No. 221, but many of the Particulars omitted'. Henry Jenkins of Bolton died in 1670. He claimed to remember as a boy taking a cartload of arrows to furnish the English army at Flodden field, 1513.
  5. 'A Letter written by the Lord Russell, to the King, after his sentence, dated July 9 (19) 1683, from Newgate'. In Baker's hand. William Russell, heir to the 5th Earl of Bedford, was executed for his part in the Rye House Plot.
  6. 'De Fundatione Collegii Reginalis'. In Baker's hand. A note pencilled at the beginning states that this is 'derived from Dr Walkers MS (copy of the statutes of 1475, 1529, and 1559 etc.) in Queens' College pp. 68 ff. See Gorham's printed statutes.'
  7. An account of some Cambridgeshire manors, 1-12 Henry IV, copied in Baker's hand from a MS in the possession of Francis Peck.
  8. Orators' letters and documents relating to the University, dated items 1626-36, with 'A speech of Mr Buckmaster in the Regent House when he was Vice-chancellor, under his owne hand 1529', with a marginal note in Baker's hand 'See Dr Buckmaster's Book MS: C:C:C.' William Buckmaster, Fellow of Peterhouse, d. 1545.
Manuscript extra information

175x115 mm. c. 170 fos, unfoliated. Several fos blank. On first folio in Baker's hand: 'Tho: Baker Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus', and 'This, I think, was Dr Henry Smith's Book Mr of Magd: Coll: and thrice vice chan: But the letters must have been copied out by his amanuensis, being uncorrect'. College bookplate inside front cover.

Several seventeenth-century hands. Paper, the page block nearly detached. Leather on boards, repaired at spine.