St John's College S.41 (James 431)

Thomas Westfield (?), Notes on sermons. English, c. 1615 and after.

(?)Thomas Westfield, Bishop of Bristol (Fellow of Jesus College, 1573-1644): Notes on sermons. A letter from Samuel Knight (of Trinity College, Prebend of Ely, d. 1746) [to Thomas Baker?] dated Ely, 27 May 1727, enclosed in the volume, describes them as sermons 'preached before 1630 at St Mary's in Cambridge', and conjectures that Westfield was the author, he 'being a native of this place very probably it was once his book, and his own writing'. The attribution is far from certain. Many of the preachers and their colleges are identified. Most of those with a Cambridge affiliation seem to have matriculated c. 1608-10, with the likely date for most sermons around 1615-20, though the only dated examples are from 1627 (pp. 358, 376). The author also draws on published sermons.

Manuscript extra information

195x160 mm. 562 pp., numbered to 527, but wanting 1-2, 481-2. Inside front cover in hand of Thomas Baker: 'Bp Westfield's Notes, taken from sermons preached at Cambridge, when he was a young man'. Another inscription inside front cover: 'Westfield, Jesus Coll. / Bp Bristol 27 Chas 1st' (sic., he was Bishop from 1642 until his death). The spine has the class-mark with 'XIV' and '64' cancelled. Presumably presented by Knight to Baker 1727, and by Baker to the College.

Substantially in a single small hand throughout, with some corrections. Paper. Limp vellum covers have become detached from page block.