St John's College S.37 (James 427)

A Miscellaneous Collection. English and Latin, c. 1641

A miscellaneous collection, mainly relating to the politics of the 1630s and early 1640s:

  1. 'Proceedings in Parliament begininge Jan 20 beinge tuseday 1628' (fo. 1r). Cf Notestein and Relf, Commons debates for 1629
  2. 'Recusancy of Communion with the Church of Englande', signed R. Mount (fo. 17r)
  3. 'To the Kings most excellent Majesty, The humble certificate of your Majestyes commissioners in the presente case of St Johns Colledge in Cambridge' [c. 1633] (fo. 20v)
  4. 'Dr Beales protestation, Decemb. 12 1633' (fo. 21v)
  5. 'Dr Martyns protestation: Decemb. 12 1633' (fo. 22r)
  6. 'The Heads answer to Dr Martyns protestation, Decemb. 14 1633' (fo. 23r)
  7. 'A speech reported to be made to the Kings Majesty by the duke of Leonoxe concerninge warre with Scotland' (fo. 24v)
  8. 'The humble petition of John [Williams, of St John's College] the most unfortunate bishop of Lyncolne' (fo. 26v)
  9. 'The humble petition of the inhabitants of Wellyn in Hertfordshire' to the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the Archbishop's reply (fo. 27r). See Laud's Works, v, 478fn
  10. A song: Beg.: 'Pray listen well unto my tale / or songe that here wee singe ye / You'le have this lente a parliament / and that's the newes wee bringe ye' (fo. 28r)
  11. 'His Majestyes speech in parliament on Monday Aprill the 13 1640', together with the Lord Keeper's speech (fo. 29r). See Cobbett, ii, 528-34
  12. 'A petition of the Scotts delivered at London in parliament tyme' (fo. 31r)
  13. Petition of the Grand Jury for Berkshire, 11 July 1640 (fo. 32)
  14. 'The humble petition [to the King] of the gentry in your Majestyes county of Yorke assembled at the assizes at Yorke. July 28 1640' (with copied signatures) (fo. 33r)
  15. 'The humble petition of your Majestyes most loyall and obediente subjects whose names are hereunder written in behalfe of themselves, and divers others' [1640, copied signatures of Earls of Bedford, Warwick, Hertford, Essex and Bolingbroke, Viscounts Mandeville and Say and Sele, and Lords Mulgrave, Brooke and Howard] (fo. 33v). Cobbett, ii, 585
  16. 'The Kings speech to the Lords assembled at Yorke. September the 24 1640' (fo. 34v). Cobbett, ii, 589
  17. Negotiations with the Scots Army commissioners at Ripon, 1640 (fo. 35r)
  18. 'The Kings speech in the Parliamente that began November the 3d 1640 (fo. 37r). Cobbett, ii, 629; Speeches and passages, p. 1
  19. 'His Majestyes speech Nov. 6' (fo. 37v). Cobbett, ii, 638; Speeches and passages, pp. 3-4
  20. 'Sir Benjamin Rudyers speech Nov the 9th' (fo. 38r). Cambridge University Library, Add. MS 39(3); Cobbett, ii, 643; Speeches and passages, pp. 103-9
  21. 'Sir John Culpipers speech Nov the 9th 1640' (fo. 41r). CUL, Add. MS 39(4); Cobbett, ii, 654; Speeches and passages, p. 342
  22. 'Mr Grimstons speech Novem. 9' (fo. 42v). CUL, Add. MS 39(7); Cobbett, ii, 656; Speeches and passages, p. 205
  23. 'Sir Edward Deerings speech Nov. 9' (fo. 45v). CUL, Add. MS 39(5); Cobbett, ii, 661; Speeches and passages, pp. 88-90
  24. 'Mr Bagshawes speech Nov 22' (fo. 46v). CUL, Add. MS 39(6); Cobbett, ii, 649; Speeches and passages, p. 345 where it is dated 7 Nov.
  25. 'The Lord George Digby's speech in the House of Commons' (fo. 48r). Cobbett, ii, 664; Speeches and passages, pp. 455-8
  26. 'Sir John Wrayes speech' (fo. 49v). Speeches and passages, pp. 290-1
  27. 'Sir Edward Deeringe 2d speech Nov. 23' (fo. 50r). Cobbett, ii, 670; Speeches and passages, pp. 87-92
  28. 'Mr Pymme' (fo. 51r). Speeches and passages, pp. 458-60 (500)
  29. 'A message from the House of Commons to the Lords of the Upper House by Mr Pymme Nov. 11' (fo. 51v). CUL, Add. MS 39(8); Speeches and papers, p. 116
  30. 'Articles of the Comons against the Earle of Straford in maintenance of the accusation whereby hee stands charged with highe treason' (fo. 52r)
  31. Verses: 'A dismall summons to Doctors Commons'. Beg.: 'Thou cage full of fowle birds and beasts / attende thy dismall doome'; ends: 'thy preists are all the preists of Baall / the devill take all by bunches' (fo. 53r)
  32. 'The Lord Faulklands speech Decemb. 7' (fo. 53v). Speeches and passages, pp. 336-41
  33. 'Sir Edward Dearings [speech]' (fo. 55v). Speeches and passages, pp. 82(94)-96
  34. 56v-62r: blank
  35. Verses. Beg.: 'Nay little Lairde mee thinks its strange / that you should suffer such a change / in such a litle space'; ends: 'but when hee thoughte all shoulde digest / the scruple troubled all the rest' (fo. 62v)

See Speeches and passages of this great and happy parliament (London, 1641); Cobbett's Parliamentary history (London, 1806-20), CUL, MS Mm.1.38, p. 360 and Add. MS 39.

Manuscript extra information

90x160 mm. [i]+63 fos. Several further fos torn out between current fos 31 and 32. 'XV' on front cover. Some further fos damaged.

A single, neat hand. Paper, considerably stained by damp. Limp vellum binding, the stitching rather worn and weak.