St John's College S.33 (James 424)

Catalogue of Scriptural expositions. Latin, 1624

'Catalogus expositorum Sacrae Scriptura qui vel in omnes vel in aliquot vel in singulos Bibliorum libros scripserunt, eorum praecipuè quorum scripta iam extant in communum bibliotheca Coll D. johannis Apud Cantabrigiam'. The arrangement is by book, including the Apocrypha. Beginning from the other end: 'Notatio locorum comunium: et authoru ea optime explicantium et obiter et de industria', 1624. Enclosed within the volume is a copy of Robert Lovell, Index postillanum [sic], or, a briefe and plaine direction for the use of postils, London, 1632 (STC 16857.9).

Manuscript extra information

200x160 mm. [63] fos, unfoliated. Several folios have been torn away, apparently to make space for the inserted copy of Lovell's Index postillanum. Inside front cover: 'Cadwalader Jones' (of St John's College, BA 1731). The names Richard and Edward Ellis (?St John's, BA 1623) have been written on the first folio. Inside back cover 'Thomas Coyte (?)' cancelled, and 'She made the parish / Howell Woods [St John's, BA 1637] is a knave', along with other pen exercises and further notes.

Several additions in the same or a similar hand. Some corrections. Paper, damaged by damp at the lower corner. Limp vellum binding.