St John's College S.21 (James 414)

William Lloyd, Papers concerning the Non-jurors. English and Latin, c. 1690-1700


Papers re his fellow non-jurors collected by William Lloyd (1637-1710), of St John's College, successively Bishop of Llandaff, Peterborough, and Norwich:

  1. 'Some short memoires of the Parliament held att Westminster 19 May 1685, Anno primo Jacobi Regis', in Lloyd's own hand, according to Thomas Baker's annotation (fo. 1)
  2. 'Mr [Henry] D[odwe]ll to [Thomas Ken] the Bishop of B[ath] and W[ells]', n.d. Copy (fo. 4r)
  3. 'Mr D[odwe]ll to' unidentified, n.d. Copy (fo. 6r)
  4. 'Dr [William] Sherluke [Sherlock, Master of the Temple, later Dean of St Paul's] to my Ld of Cant: [William Sancroft]', n.d. [1690]. Copy (fo. 11r)
  5. 'Mr [torn] Answer', n.d. Copy (fo. 15r)
  6. 'Dr Sh[erloc]k answer to Dr Williams paper, n.d. Copy (fo. 20r)
  7. Dr Hammond, 'A Briefe Resolucion of that Grand Case of Conscience, concerning the Allegiance due to a Prince Ejected by force out of the Kingdom', n.d. Copy (fo. 29r)
  8. '[Ralph] Lowndes recantation', 16 Sep. 1690. Copy (fo. 31r)
  9. 'An Epitaph on Passive Obedience executed by virtue of a sentence of some six or seaven Bishops and other Inferiour Clergie men for High Treason against our Soveraign Lord the Rable', 1689. Copy (fo. 31v)
  10. 'Dodwell to Dr Sherlocke', n.d. Copy (fo. 32r)
  11. 'The Declaracion of the Right Reverend Father in God John [Lake] late Lord Bishop of Chichester upon his Death Bed', 27 Aug. 1689. Copy (fo. 33v)
  12. 'An Account of the late Proposals of the Archbishop of Canterbury, with some other Bishops, to his Majesty in a letter to N. B. Esqr', with Sherlock's minute to Dr H., n.d. Copy (fo. 34r)
  13. 'Notes of Law touching Right to Lease the Temporaltys of Bishops', n.d. Copy (fo. 36v)
  14. 'Of Deprivation by Statute', n.d. Copy (fo. 41r)
  15. 'A Resolucion of Three Important Questions by ...', n.d. Copy (fo. 44r)
  16. 'Of Parliaments', n.d. Copy (fo. 47r)
  17. 'A Case upon the Statute for abrogateing the Oaths of Allegeance and Supremacy', n.d. Copy (fo. 55r)
  18. 'Dr [Simon] Lowth to Dr [William] Beveridge [later Bishop of St Asaph]', n.d. [1691 from the reference to Beveridge's initial acceptance of the see of Bath and Wells]. Copy (fo. 57v)
  19. 'Mr Dodwell to Dr Tillotson', 12 May 1691. Copy (fo. 58r)
  20. Henry Watkinson to [Thomas White, Bishop of Peterborough], 25 Oct. 1690, with lists of deprived ministers in York. Copies (fo. 59v). Edited by the Revd W. H. Bates in 'Fourteen non-juring clergy in the Archdiocese of York', unpublished typescript, 2001. A copy is held in the Library.
  21. 'The Names of the Suspended and Deprived Clergie Nonswearers in the Diocese of Norwich', to which Baker adds 'This was drawn up in order to their relief'. 37 names, n.d. [1690?]
  22. Copy of information in a court of law from George Treby, notary public, n.d.
  23. 'A Case of the Deprived Clergie', n.d. Copy (fo. 62r)
  24. William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, mandate directed to William Lloyd, Bishop of Norwich, 9 Feb. 1692. Copy (fo. 63r)
  25. Rough receipts, Oct. 1654 (fo. 66v)
  26. 'An Apologie for the Suffering Bishops etc.', n.d. Copy (fo. 68r)

A quotation from Suetonius (fo. i) and occasional explanatory annotations in Baker's hand.

Manuscript extra information

296x196 mm. 80 fos (i, 1-78, one unnumbered between 74 and 75). On fo. i in Thomas Baker's hand: 'This Book was left by the late Bp of Norwich Dr Lloyd, to St John's College, when they think fit to receive it. It is only mine in trust. He gave the College several other Books (of good value) printed and MSS, most of which bear his name. T. B.' Two fos cut away before fo. 1. Inside front cover a College bookplate (nineteenth century).

In Lloyd's hand and the hand of at least one copyist. Paper, some signs of worm in gutter. Rebound in Sep. 1879, brown cloth on boards, half leather.