St John's College S.18 (James 412)

University and legal commonplace. English and Latin, c. 1700


Sparse notes under theological headings over the first 150 pages have all been cancelled. The vol. Includes:

  1. A discussion before the Council between Dr [William] Oldys (1636-1708), Advocate of the Admiralty, Secretary Trenchard, and others, in 1693. Oldys, father and namesake of the Antiquary, was called before the Council to explain his refusal to prosecute as pirates men who claimed to be privateers acting under commission from the exiled James II. The document ends: 'Upon this Dr Oldys was turned out of his places and Dr Littleton put in. But the said Dr is since fall'n mad and blinde and dyed so last night.'
  2. 'The vicechancellours speech to his Grace the duke of Monmouth at his installment [as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, 1674]'. The Vice-Chancellor was John Spencer.
  3. Orations by Stubbs, Richard Milward, Love, Hamilton, Goodwin, Robert Crighton and others, c. 1620-33. With some identificatory notes in the hand of Thomas Baker, and at the end 'Tho: Baker Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus'. Latin.
  4. 'Duke of Devonshire's own epitaph'.
  5. List of 'Quaestiones jur. Civil. In Scholis publicis discussae', 26 June 1675 - 21 Mar. 1678. Latin.
  6. [reversed] Some notes of admissions to the degree of Bachelor of Civil Law at Cambridge, 1695-1701.
Manuscript extra information

190x155 mm. c. 250 fos, unfoliated, some torn away to complement the cancellations found early in the vol. Many blank fos. On boards of binding at front the coloured stamp 'Papier fin fait [de] Pierre Moreau', with a few rough notes in Greek and Latin. Presented by Thomas Baker (see above), who writes on what remains from one of the excised pages: 'This was Dr Berry's Book' [presumably Richard Berry or Bury (1648/9-1723), Fellow of St John's].

Several hands. Paper. Leather binding on boards. Some worming in second half of the vol.