St John's College S.11 (James 408)

Controversies in the Church of England. English, before 1603

'An Advertisement touchinge the controversies of the Churche of Englande', no date, but before 1603 (see references to the Queen at fo. 12v). Perhaps c. 1580, given the references to the present 'dayes of peace' at fo. 1r, though the hand suggests a slightly later copy. Beg.: 'It is but ignorance if any man finde it straunge'; ends: 'At the least I shall not repent my selfe of the meditacion'. This is substantially an expression of the Elizabethan via media, opposing extremists on both sides of the theological divide.

Manuscript extra information

210x155 mm. 16 fos. College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover. No internal clue as to provenance. Negative microfilm held in the Library.

A single, neat hand, substantially underlined for emphasis; a few corrections. Paper, ruled margins, the text measuring 160x108 mm. Original paper covers, repaired and rebound in half leather, c. 1900.