St John's College S.10 (James 407)

Thomas Segethus, Dedicatory letter to James I. Latin, 1622

Thomas Seghetus, or Segethus, author of De Principatibus Italiae (Leiden, 1628): dedicatory letter to James I, dated 'Hamburgi propriae / Non. Martias MDCXXII', bound with a presentation copy of his Thomas Seghetus a Gravi Calumnia vindicatus (Magdeburg, 1622).

Manuscript extra information

190x150 mm. letter of 4 pp. College bookplate (1700) at sig. A1v of the printed booklet. Former classmark Bb.4.34 inside front cover. No internal clue as to provenance.

Letter presumably autograph, there are two small corrections to the printed text at sig. A2r in the same hand. Paper. Handsome contemporary limp vellum binding, central device on front cover shows a human figure with lyre, seated beneath a tree and surrounded by wild beasts.