St John’s College Aa.2.10(8)

Ambrose Rigge, ‘The Serpent’s subtilly discovered’. English, 1664

Ambrose Rigge (1634-1704): ‘The Serpent’s subtilly discovered, in a plaine answer [to] a Lying Scandelous paper lately come from Leonard Letchf[ord] whoe calls himselfe Rector of Hurst pierpoint in the County of Sussex’, ‘written this 15th day of the 12 month called February in the year 1663’. Copied from a Quaker tract, published London, 1663 (Wing R1490). See the entry for Rigge in DNB for details of his dispute with Letchford.

Manuscript extra information

175x137 mm. 18 pp. (original pagination). No separate indication of provenance.

A single, neat, contemporary hand. Brutally cropped. Bound in a volume of very miscellaneous tracts, all otherwise printed. Formerly classified Gg.3.34.