St John's College O.67 (James 562)

Anthony Dopping, Journal as Bishop of Meath. Latin and English, 1678-94

Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath (1643-97): 'Private Journal ... being a diary of the contest between James and William, also of private, ecclesiastical and collegiate matters from 1678 to 1694' (label pasted to front cover). Dopping was successively Bishop of Kildare (1678-81) and Meath (1681-97). A strong opponent of Roman Catholicism he was a privy counsellor in Ireland under both Charles II and William III. The main section of the journal, which is for the most part in Latin, contains a brief record of (principally) diocesan business, while the final 70 pp., written from the end of the vol., contain a chronicle in English of political events surrounding the Glorious Revolution, 1685-91, with a predictably Irish slant. At the very end of the vol. are lists of ordinations, chronologically arranged.

Manuscript extra information

156x90 mm. 268 pp. (paginated 1-187 by the author; [188]-[201] blank). Purchased by Professor J. E. B. Mayor, Fellow and President of St John's College, at the Sotheby's sale of 9 Nov. 1874 (lot 1027). Presented to the College by Mayor's administrators, 1910 (inside front cover). College bookplate (twentieth century) inside back cover.

Autograph. Paper. Binding, leather on boards, somewhat scuffed. Spine title on label: 'Bishop Dopping's Diary 1678-94'.