St John's College O.59 (James 527)

Thomas Ashe, Collections for an edition of Richard Crashaw's poetry. English, c. 1880

Thomas Ashe, of St John's College (1836-89): 'A Complete account of all the old Editions of Richard Crashaw's poems'. Ashe, himself a poet and co-founder of The Eagle, has cut up and pasted into his notebook a copy of Crashaw's works from the English Poets series, adding his own notes, corrections, introduction and index.

Manuscript extra information

205x165 mm. 96 fos and a single loose sheet from a pocket notebook. 'Crashaw 2' on cover, 'Y3' on spine, College bookplate inside front cover. Purchased by Robert Forsyth Scott, Master of St John's, from the bookseller P. M. Barnard (see letter of 7 Feb. 1916 loose inside front cover), and presented by him to the College in 1917 (donation plate pasted inside front cover).

Autograph, a small, neat hand. Paper. Standard quarto notebook.