St John's College C.10.4(2)

Alexander Neville, 'Angli ad Walliae Proceres Apologia'. Latin, c. 1600


Alexander Neville, of St John's College (1544-1614): 'Alexandri Nevylli Angli ad Walliae Proceres Apologia'. No date, but a manuscript version of a work published in 1576 (STC 18477). It is bound with and written after a copy of Alexander Neville, De furoribus Norfolciensium Ketto duce and Norvicus (STC 18478, London, 1575). The Apologia withdrew, in the face of pressure from Government, a remark on p. 132 of the book on Kett's Rebellion disparaging the part played by Welsh levies in suppressing the revolt.

Manuscript extra information

205x145 mm. 7 fos (modern foliation). College bookplate (1700) on reverse of title page. A note from H. M. Adams to the then Librarian, 15 Jan. 1959, is pasted inside the back cover.

A single, neat hand, very well written. Decorated initial O; 'FINIS' in diamond. Paper. Original boards: leather stamped front and back with the Arms of Queen Elizabeth I, repaired in the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries; gold tooled border; two pairs of ties, now missing.