St John's College M.9 (James 392)

Treatise against Brownists. English, c. 1590


'Certen slaunderous speeches against the present Estate of the Church of Englande published to the people by the Precisians'. Separately at the end a list of 'the most principall and cheife heresies in R[obert] Brownes booke', and in the colophon to the same 'How neere Browne cometh to the olde and late Heretikes'. Perhaps referring to STC 3910, Middleburgh, 1582, There is a reference to Brown's work STC 3910.5, ca. 1583 (fo. 38v). The author remarks at fo. 26v that he has 'bene twise Visitor for the Archbishop of Canterburie'.

Manuscript extra information

230x175 mm. [i]+85(84 bis)+[i]+2+[ii]+4+4+[i] fos. College bookplate (eighteenth century) inside front cover.

Single, exemplary secretary hand (late sixteenth century), a clean copy. Paper. Original limp vellum binding.

This manuscript has been published by Albert Peel in Tracts ascribed to Richard Bancroft: edited from a manuscript in the library of St John's College, Cambridge (Cambridge: C.U.P., 1953).