St John's College M.1 (James 384)

Commentary on St Thomas Aquinas. Latin, c. 1600


Commentarius in S. Thomae / Tractatus de Conscientia. The many hands - I have counted at least nine - all date from around 1600, or perhaps a little after.

Manuscript extra information

214x154 mm. Not foliated (c. 400 fos). On flyleaf: 'Continent in 12a D. Thomae cum tractatu de Conscientia'. College bookplate (eighteenth century) inside front cover. Formerly classified as A.6.19 (inscription inside front cover). Presented by Henry, Earl of Southampton ('Hen. C. S.' inside front cover). James, following Cowie, suggests that the 'same amanuensis' (sic) was responsible for MSS M.1-5, and that the contents of M.1, 2, 3 and 5 'seem to have been the subjects of lectures etc. in some Spanish University, and were probably the property of an English Romanist exile'.

Several hands; on the whole a clean copy, with few corrections. Paper, one or two folios mutilated. Original limp vellum binding, two pairs of replacement ties. Repaired and cleaned by J. P. Gray & Son Ltd, Dec. 1971 (inscription on final flyleaf).