St John’s College Aa.2.55 (part)

‘Additions to the Levant Company’s Charter’. English, 1661


‘Additions to the Levant Company’s Charter: 1661’. Beg.: ‘And whereas by the humble Peticion of the said Governor and Company of Merchants of England Trading into the Levant …’; ends (imperfectly): ‘or shall in any matter or thing’.

Manuscript extra information

220x160 mm. 6 fos (modern foliation, blank from fo. 5r). Held with, though separate from, The Capitulations and Articles of peace betweene the Maiestie of the King of England … and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire …(Wing C2930, Constantinople, 1663), which was presented to the College by Dr R[obert] Lambert (d. 1735), Fellow and Bursar of St John’s College (inscription inside front cover). Lambert was Master of the College from 1727, so the donation was evidently received before that date.

A single, neat, contemporary hand. Paper, very brittle at edges. Formerly stitched, but not bound.