St John's College L.6 (James 363)

John Fisher, Month's Mind Sermon for Margaret, Countess of Richmond. English, seventeenth century

'Hereafter followeth a morninge remembrance had at the month mind of the noble princesse Margaret countesse of Rychemonde and Darby mother unto King Henry the vii and grandame to our soverayne Lord that now is, upon whose soule almightie god have mercy': a faithful MS facsimile of the edition published by Wynkyn de Worde in 1509 (STC 10891), complete with copies of the woodcuts and colophon. De Worde's edition was reprinted by Thomas Baker in 1708, and also by another Fellow of St John's College, John Hymers, as The funeral sermon of Margaret Countess of Richmond and Derby (Cambridge, 1840).

Manuscript extra information

240x185 mm. [iii]+10+[xi] fos. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) facing fo. 1. Above it there is an inscription 'Transcribi curavit Gulielm' Beale et Bibliothecae applicari, in memoriam Regiae Fundatricis, et Praesulis optimi' [William Beale, d. 1650, Master of St John's College 1634-44].

Single, secretary hand of the seventeenth century, a clean copy with a few corrections. Paper, double borders. Limp vellum binding damaged at top of rear cover, with gold tooling, the traces of two pairs of ties. Boxed in recent times.