St John's College L.5 (James 362)

Marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. English, c. 1625


'A true Relacion of the treatie and ratification of the marriage concluded and agreed upon betweene our soveraigne Lord Charles ... and the Ladie Henrietta Maria Sister to the French King'. A copy of the marriage treaty of 8 May 1625, signed at the Louvre. Printed in [1642], Wing T3062.

Manuscript extra information

195x155 mm. [x]+14+[x] fos. On fo. 1v (inside original cover) is a printed 'ex dono' of Peter Gunning, 1684. College bookplate (eighteenth century) at fo. 14r (inside original back cover). College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover.

Single, contemporary secretary hand, a clean copy with a few corrections. Paper. Original paper covers, rebound in cloth, half bound in leather, 19th cent.