St John’s College L.29 (James 380)

Jeremiah Markland, Quaestiones Venusinae. Latin, c. 1760

Jeremiah Markland, Fellow of Peterhouse (1693-1776): ‘Quaestiones Venusinae; ad Q. Horatii Flacci Libros Carminum, Epodion, Sermonum, et Epistolarum, ex edit doctissimi Viri Ric. Bentleii, Amstel M.DCC.XIII’ (title page). No date, but c. 1760. A later, augmented and neater version of the notes in L.28.

Manuscript extra information

215x175 mm. v+88+v pp. College bookplate (1792) inside front cover. Markland bequeathed his books and papers to his friend William Heberden (1710-1801), Fellow of St John’s College.

Autograph throughout, with a few corrections. Paper. Soft leather.